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Hey! I'm Ryan. I am responsible for making sure everything goes buttery smooth around here. My favorite animation studio is defeinly Pixar. I grew up with their movies and their quality is top notch! Don't be shy to say hi if you see me around. :)

Staff Member



Hey! I am Chad! (yes— actually!) As an older member of the team, I want to ensure the safety of the members of the server. From experience, I've managed communities with younger audiences and want to protect this community against abuse. It's a pleasure to help out and hopefully we'll chat one day.

Staff Member



Hello! I am dogee aka Simba and I have been moderating servers for a while now. I am most happy either skiing, biking, playing Minecraft or reading. I really like the Percy Jackson series..some might say I am a fan boy. I have been on Discord for about a year and I'm excited to meet you all!

Staff Member



Hey there, I’m Cole! I’m part of the server staff here at Animated Movies. Here to make sure everyone enjoys their stay and make sure everyone feels welcome. I enjoy Pixar films and my favorite Pixar film would probably be ‘Luca’. If you want to talk, feel free to reach out!

Staff Member



Hey! I go by Inceptor. My pronouns are He/Him. I enjoy spending my time moderating communities on Discord. I am based out of Tennessee and love to get outside and hit the track when I can. My DMs are always open so please do not hesitant to slide in should you need any help. I hope to see you around the community!

Staff Member

Red Bean

Red Bean#5947

Hellooo! My name is Red Bean, but Alexis works fine too. Oh man, I grew up with Pixar movies and they are some of the best in the industry. There's a certain charm with them that just can't be replicated. I am a huge film junkie and love all kinds of cinema. Feel free to wave me down on the server, I'm always down for a chat!